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popvibe's Journal

since i'm already screwed
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alex. 15. sophmore in high school. friends and coffee. class of '07.
ashlee simpson mood theme by confidentwords
a walk to remember, abecrombie & fitch, acura rsx, american eagle, ashlee simpson, ashlee simpson show, be cool, beach, beauty and the beast, billy, billy joel, black and white, black eyed peas, blank cds, blink 182, books, boston, britney spears, candles, carls jr., cell phones, cherries, chicken, christina aguleira, christina milian, christmas, cold stones ice cream, desperate housewives, dessert, digital cameras, disney movies, disneyland, dogs, dolce, driving, dunkin' doughnuts, elephants, espanol, eva longoria, family, fergie, fires, franz ferdinand, friends, frou frou, graphics, gwen stefani, hairspray, halloween, hawaii, hilary duff, hollywood, icons, inmemory, ipods, jamba juice, jennifer lopez, jessica simpson, laguna beach, lake havasu, lc, lilo and stitch, lindsay lohan, lion king, lion king 2, little mermaid, livejournal, magic markers, malibu, marilyn monroe, mary-kate and ashley, me, mean girls, mirrors, mischa barton, miss elliot, movies, music, my birthday, napoleon dynamite, newlyweds, nicholas sparks, nicky hilton, nicole richie, nobu, ocean, palm springs, paris hilton, pens, pepsi, pizza, poems, postal service, presents, puppies, rachel bilson, reading, robeks, salads, sandals, santa monica, saturday night live, sharpies, shopping, sidekick ii, silly, simi valley, simple life, six flags, skinny, smirnoff ice, sour apple martinis, sparkly stuff, spice girls, spice world, stand by me, starbucks, stars, summer, sunglasses, sunset strip, superstar, suprises, surfing, taco bell, tennis, the killers, the oc, the shins, the sims 2, thin, uma thurman, us weekly, v.c. andrews, vanilla, volleyball, walking, water, web design, willy, winter, you, zuma beach